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Legal Expenses

In today's increasingly litigious world Legal Expenses Insurance is now becoming as important as your Fire and Theft Insurance. It is more likely that you will receive a legal action against you than suffering a Fire or Theft claim.

Legal Expenses Insurance provides the ability to obtain legal advice as well as costs to pursue and defend certain classes of legal action.

A policy can be designed to meet your specific requirements to include:

Employment Disputes

With Employment Law becoming more and more complex you could receive claims from employees,  past and ex-employees as well as potentially new employees.

Tax/Inland Revenue Protection

Provides protection in the event of an investigation

Legal Defence

Provides protection against such actions as criminal prosecution or data protection.

Property Disputes

Where you suffer nuisance or damage.

Loss of Licence

In the event that your Licence is taken away

Debt Recovery

To pursue outstanding debts.


The policy will have a 24-hour legal assistance helpline so that you can discuss any legal issues when required.

Please call to arrange an appointment. We would be more than pleased to discuss your special requirements.


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