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Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance protects your "Duty of Care to Third Parties".


It protects the business in the event that they are sued by a third party who feels that they have suffered a loss as a result of the Company's/individual's lack of care or their negligence.


Cover is provided by electing a limit of indemnity, £1,000,000, £2,000,000, or £5,000,000. This limit can be increased to any level required.


In today's environment it is suggested that £2,000,000 or £5,000,000 be the minimum levels of cover.


Public Liability cover will not prevent a claim, but will financially protect the business should be brought against it.


Remember, even if you are successful in defending a claim, you may still have to bear the costs of the defence, which will be covered by the indemnity limit.


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