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Marine Cargo

The concept of goods whilst in the course of transit is generally misunderstood. The legal responsibility of carrier, i.e., a haulier, freight forwarder, shipper, etc., will provide compensation for any lost or damaged article or item is incorrect.


A carrier's insurance only protects the carrier's contractual or legal liability which normally includes limitations. For UK hauliers, this limit is £1,300 per ton. This limit in the majority of cases is totally inadequate. It is also important to note that there are time limitations on advising about damage as well as the proof that any damage occurred whilst the item was with the carriers.

Cover can be provided for UK inland transits as well as import and export.

There are two ways of covering your goods. They are:

  • Open Marine Cargo;

  • Stock Throughput.

Open Marine Cargo


This cover can be a short period one of shipment cover or an annual policy which includes all transits whether by road, rail, air or sea.

The covers typically provided are:

  • All Risks - From seller's warehouse to buyer's warehouse,

  • Transit Only - From port to port.

Naturally, the warehouse to warehouse cover is the widest as it picks up the transits either side of the shipment, and on an annual policy includes all shipments.


Stock Throughput

Cover provided by this policy provides the same as Open Marine Cargo warehouse to warehouse, as well as the storage risk of the stock either at a Bonded warehouse or at the buyer's own premises.


This policy includes easy administration and generally cheaper rates. The benefit is that the goods are covered from start to finish.


When considering insurance, the following terms are very important:


Ex Works

The buyer bears full responsibility including the loading of any goods from the seller's warehouse to final destination.


"Freight on Board". The responsibility for the goods starts once on board the ship to final destination.


"Cost & Freight" - the responsibility for the goods starts for the goods on board the ship and the buyer also assumes the cost of freight to bring the goods to the final destination.


"Cost Insurance & Freight" - the seller insures the goods to the buyer’s warehouse.


The following extensions can be considered in addition to the standard policy wording:-



Provides cover for goods whilst at any exhibition or whilst on demonstration including the transit to and from

Representative Vehicles

Goods can be included whilst in a rep's vehicle

Return Goods

Goods to be returned can be included

Buyer's Interest

Where the seller has insured the goods for the transit and the seller's insurers will not pay this protects your interest in the goods

Seller's Interest

Protects where loss or damage occurs on an FOB or C&F and the buyer fails to complete the contract by not paying or by not taking up the documents of Title


You can increase the cost if required to CIF + 10% to protect against increases


Can be included at cost of sale cost


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