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Crisis Management / Disaster Recovery

What would you do if you were affected by a major incident like a fire?


All businesses should consider the effects of a major disaster interfering with their business, and this should form part of their overall business planning.  The first part is the purchase of comprehensive insurance.  The second is establishing a plan that deals swiftly with the circumstances.


Insurers will always look favourably on a business that has given advance thought to what would happen if a disaster hits.  This goes to show that the business is professional in their outlook and that the business is well run.


We can arrange a professional visit to your business premises that will look at:

  • Identifying risks and setting tasks.

  • Allocating or implementing time plans to put those tasks into action.

  • Considering IT requirement(s).

  • How to deal with and reassure your customers and suppliers.

  • Availability of plant and equipment.

  • Communicating with staff.

  • Helping with contractors.

There are many areas to consider and we can assist in providing a plan that will look to protect the business.


Specified Customers  

Protects against the failure of specifically - selected customers.


Credit checks can be carried out on customers to establish their credit rating.  The service will also highlight payment problems in specific sectors. 


Cover can also include customers abroad.


We are able to tailor the cover to meet your specific requirements and we therefore we suggest that you contact us to discuss.


All at competitive prices. email us for more informartion



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