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Welcome to Martin Insurance Services. A professional solution for all your insurance needs

Credit / Bad Debt

Credit Insurance is designed to protect against the insolvency or default of domestic and export customers.


Credit Insurance helps to provide a secure revenue stream and strength with your Bankers.

Insurances can be arranged on the following basis:-


Whole Turnover 

Protects against payment defaults by all customers;

Specified Customers 

Protects against the failure of specifically - selected customers.


Credit checks can be carried out on customers to establish their credit rating.  The service will also highlight payment problems in specific sectors. 


Cover can also include customers abroad.


We are able to tailor the cover to meet your specific requirements and we therefore we suggest that you contact us to discuss.


Credit/Bad Debt Insurance is a Specialist class of insurance.  Please complete the attached, or call to arrange an appointment.


All at competitive prices. email us for more informartion



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